Tuesday, June 17, 2008


After nearly a month at home, I'm off to teach at Quilt Colorado, one of my all time favorite conferences!  It's held in Estes Park, CO, a charming mountain valley town, surrounded by the Rocky Mountain National Park.  

The show/conference is organized by the state wide Colorado Quilt Council and is held every two years.  It's a massive amount of work for the dedicated volunteers to coordinate 16 national instructors, nightly banquets, and a fabulous show.  I'm thrilled & flattered to asked to present the Friday night banquet lecture.

I'm truly looking forward to this event.  So many of my favorite teacher buddies will be there,(how will I have time to teach??), plus the many student friends I've made during my last 5 previous shows. My first flight tomorrow is at an ungodly hour, but I'll have ample connection time in Charlotte to look forward to the drive up the mountain with Bobbie Aug and Sue Nickels....fun.  Hoping I'll have internet access so I can share the events with you.  

Till then......