Sunday, June 8, 2008


Our first summer living here in the mountain valley of Crabtree, it rained nearly every day.....sheets of rain for about 30 mins. and then poof, it was over. need to water the plants and no long rainy days.

Last summer, the entire state of NC experienced a drought....and watering our new massive landscaping became a real chore.  This year, everyone has high hopes that we'll be back to normal with adequate amounts of rainfall.

Early last evening we had a good old fashioned thunder storm, which aren't that common here.  The lighting was so frequent, apparently hitting the ground often, it caused our telephone to ring numerous times!  It lasted about 45 mins. and we got 1 1/4" of the wet stuff.

Naturally, the humidity is pretty high this morning....and it's warm....well, maybe even hot.  I love watching the famous 'smoke' as in 'Smoky Mountains', which of course is fog.  We are in the upper part of this big mountain valley, so you can see fog has blanketed below us.

As we walked our 'forced march' this morning....I snapped pictures as the fog started moving its way up the valley.  The split rail fencing is at the end of our property.

The fog continues to march up toward our house.

Wisps of moisture are just becoming visible across the street from our house as we near the conclusion of our walk.  I love the look of this old log building that remains on this lot.....soon it will disappear as the fog thickens.

UPDATE.....after returning home to a final cup of coffee and uploading my photos....the fog has completely burned off and there's not a cloud in the bright blue sky!  Such is life in the mountains!