Saturday, June 7, 2008


Many quilters are real gadget lovers.....but, I'm not usually one myself.  Dah....perhaps I find them too difficult to master....such as complicated rulers with multi-purpose cutting options.

However, this puppy has made my day. My studio is plenty spacious, but good task lighting is lacking.  Ta da....  Bendable Bright Light has solved my problem.

It comes with a 8 ft. power cord and power pack, mounting brackets, and wire clips to hold the power cord in position.'s non-magnetic so it won't harm your sewing machine's electronics.

It has 1000,000 light hours.....yeah!  I bought two, hopefully it will also be the answer to insufficient classroom lighting and will help to provide better light when projecting my beading demos. Cost is a bit steep, retails for $50.00, but worth it.