Saturday, May 31, 2008


Life here in the mountains differs quite a lot....definitely more laid back, scaled back too.

The weekend after Memorial Day, a small group of mostly art quilters have a quilt show at Lake Logan.  The setting is's a retreat center on a wooded mountain, overlooking a lake.
Flowering shrubs and plants are everywhere.

The modest entrance doesn't provide a clue to the depth of this small show.

This group calls itself the Shadie Ladies.  I had the pleasure of judging this quilt at the Asheville Quilt Show two years's charming.  Obviously, it's self portraits of their members.

They had a fabulous challenge this year.  37 members participated by drawing a number from a basket.  The number they picked was the number of fabrics they had to use in their challenge quilt, PLUS the addition of either black or white.  So, the quilt above is made with 3 fabrics. Beside each quilt they displayed a small scrap of each fabrics they used.

This one used 4 fabrics.  No specific theme was required....just the number of fabrics.  What a clever idea for a challenge.  

More tomorrow......