Monday, June 9, 2008


First it was the very early spring wild flowers, then flowering trees and bushes, now a whole new batch of floral wonders are in bloom.  We are grateful for the continual flower show.

I spotted numerous single blooms of these bright red flowers on our morning walk.  I believe the plant is bee balm.

Due to the real estate slow down, there are only 2 occupied homes in our subdivision....yeah!!! I'll have a hard time adjusting when people actually start building on all these sold lots because the fields and woods are filled with beautiful plants.  Daisies are everywhere!

I have no clue what this is.....I can report it's a flower pod from a very large tree.  Lovely, no??

One of these days I'm going to get our landscape plan out and learn the names of these plants.....again, I don't know what this is....but it's pretty.

Ah.....I feel less stupid....these are day lilies....

Our cone flowers are just beginning to open.  Last year we really fought the Japanese Beetles that invaded these we have a watchful eye out for them already.