Thursday, June 5, 2008

DRAT!! as I say, not as I do!  I'll have to remember to repeat this more than once during my upcoming Embellished Wool Collage workshops next month at Quilt Colorado and Quilt Minnesota.

See the fade line on the felted wool fabric I used for my backing??  Unfortunately, this type of loss of color is not uncommon with National Nonwovens Woolfelt.  I always mention this in my classes, dah!  

I've gone straight to the powers that be at National Nonwovens about the problem and they assure me they are aware of it and steps have (or are) being taken to correct it.  Actually, I think the issue is a combination of color fastness due to light AND perhaps friction at the fold line.  But, what do I know??  

Pity me, I even noticed this fade line when pullinf out the fabric and mentally told myself to work around it.  But, (you know what I mean), in the rush of wanting to get the backing in place to bead the layers together.....I simply forgot.  And, NO....I'm not taking it apart....I finally did noticed what I did about 1/2 way through bead appliqueing the front to this back piece....but couldn't bring myself to rip out, even then!
Now what??  Well, I'm going to play around with some of the pigment dyes and see if I can mix up a brew and paint the offending line away.  If not....there's always plan B.....and I'll figure out what that is if I have to go there.

The outside edge will be trimmed....perhaps using a wavy rotary cutter.....not sure 'design opportunity' at a time!  Will report back on this.....