Saturday, June 28, 2008

QUILT FINALE!! (correction)

After class today, my long time friend Marilyn Smith drove over from Eau Claire to Rochester....we spent several hours lunching and catching up before she headed back home.  

My shuttle is picking me up at 5:50 AM for the trip back to Minneapolis airport, so I had an early night spent with another long time pal.

I was lucky enough to get introduced to Trish ( we are guessing about 8 years ago, by our mutual friend Pat Campbell.)  Tonight I've been invited for a home cooked meal at her house. 

Trish is quite the beader......after drooling over many of her nifty jewelry projects......she gave me this lovely bracelet.  Thanks girlfriend!

Trish (and her 'bling')  reclines in her chair, wrapped in a quilt that won my teacher's ribbon several years ago at the show.  (Incidentally, I didn't realize it was her quilt.  When presenting a ''teacher's recognition" ribbon....I like to award them to the type of quilt I admire and would like to make.)

I'm enjoying Trish's deck as we begin to put the steaks on her grill.  What a treat!!