Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Long, cold Minnesota winters are not wasted on quilters who live in this state.  I'm convinced they spend their time honing their skills...... 

The group of 23 students cruised through my full day beading workshop with ease....smiling all day.  Nan (pictured 2nd from the left) and I crossed paths about 15 years ago at a week long quilt workshop.  From time to time, we've had a chance to meet again.  
Nan surprised me with this fantastic folk art wood cow......totally, absolutely my kinda folk art treasure.  Again, I'm reminded of how many pals have entered my life due to my travels along the quilting highway.  (Yes, you can take the gal out of Wisconsin, but I still love cows!)
More happy campers!!

Kathy, my teacher's angel had the coolest was similar to a magic wand which lite up (wonderfully tacky).  She used it to announce door prize time.  The photo certainly doesn't do justice to this unique gadget.....but looking at Kathy can surely see it is big fun.