Tuesday, June 24, 2008


It seems like years since I've been on a flight that wasn't completely full.  Perhaps the high cost of airfares are finally keeping travelers at home.  The first 2 flights I took today were nearly full, but not my third.

This is the view I had as we were winging our way from Chicago to Minneapolis.  Only 11 of 24 seats in first class were full.  Naturally, I was a happy camper!

I kept my eyes peeled for the flood waters as we flew over Wisconsin, but all we saw were lovely patchwork fields and lots of white, puffy clouds.

As we landed I was so surprised.......to be surprised, at how quickly I'd forgotten the look of the midwest landscape.  Sure I knew it was flat......but after living in the mountains for the last 2 years, I now really know what flat means.

As I gathered my suitcases at the Minnesota Airport......I had the urge for a latte.....and thought....ghee, why doesn't Starbuck's have a coffee shop in the lower level of an airport, in addition to every nook and cranny of the main concourses.  

Well, no sooner did this thought float through my brain......then my eyes noticed the all too familiar green and white sign.  So.....I haul all my heavy bags, trailing behind me and get in line. Suddenly....I think, well darn, I don't have enough hands to hold the cup.  There are no tables, not that I had time to sit and enjoy the java, so how in the world was I  going to carry the cup outside to catch my ride?  I'll be dreaming of a skinny, vanilla, latte grande tonight.  

I need to invent a cup holder for my suitcase.......yes, that's it......surely one could make a million bucks on that!!  That will be part two of my dream tonight.

I have 23 students in a full days workshop tomorrow.....so I need to get turn my light out......