Monday, July 22, 2013


Lucky me....recently my generous friend Helen reorganized and reduced her stash....and sent me two huge boxes of batiks.  Lucky really doesn't describe this windfall.....fabulous friend is a better description!

 As you all know....I'm not much of a piecer.....used to be....but sitting at the machine cranking out block after block...well....need I say more? It's totally cool if you love it.....I'm old enough now to only do what I darn well want to! 

But who couldn't resist doing something with the candy store of batiks I now had available?  My nephew's daughter loves pinks and purples.....though she's only in early grade school....perhaps it's time to get her interested in quilting?
 Unfortunately, I live in NC and she lives in I'm doing the work...hopefully she'll love and cherish the quilt.  Being a bit of an "A" type personality, I pretty much cut and stitched only a few blocks at a time, arranging them on the design wall as I went.
 ......this is my kind of real measuring...make some big blocks with 3 patches, then fill in with smaller ones till it reaches the desired size. Hear me cheering?!?
Of it will need to be backed and quilted.....and I am planning on getting to that soon....really I am.


Robbie said...

LOVE IT!!!! Colors are wonderful!!! What a gift...for both of you!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

What a great simple it!

The Idaho Beauty said...

I love it too! Are you going "modern" on us?