Monday, July 8, 2013


I've been working on this piece for several weeks and blogged about here, as well as in this post, and finally here again.  Today, I take the process to its completion below...

 I must again remind you that the stitching on this piece is not nearly as visible as it appears in these photos....not even close.  Photographing work that is beaded is soooo tricky as the camera doesn't know what it's supposed to focus on.

With that said, I continued my idea of highlighting these beaded cabochons as if they were pebbles surrounded by a rippling surface.  I switched from the tiny almost transparent Delica bead I'd been using, to a light blue small seed bead....echoing around the cabochons. didn't work....and I did a LOT more beading around and around before I gave up and took them all off.
 After puzzling over and over about how that area should be beaded, I photo copied the fabric and used that as a template to try other design ideas...this time with paper/pencil!!  Rather than forcing the pebble ripple appears instead that this design wants to be more I'm going with it.  The blue beads are now stitched like rays radiating around the stones.
Sighing here (did you hear me??)..... utimately, I took them off as well!  It looked great at first, but they became too overpowering as I added more.  So, I switched back to using Delica beads...but retained the pattern.  It's finally finished below with a simple facing.

HER LIGHT SHINES ON ....A Tribute to Judy Kane
12.5" x 13"


The Idaho Beauty said...

I truly like the energy the radiating lines of beads convey. Moving out of the water (rippling) and into the heavens was a perfect choice. I love it...and it must feel good to finally get it resolved. A beautiful tribute to our friend.

Sherrie Spangler said...

This is beautiful, as was Judi. Thank you for making it.

Robbie said...

It's perfect!!! Love it!!!