Monday, July 29, 2013


.....Continuing my efforts to add to my inventory of small, nature based wall art for my upcoming solo exhibit at the NC Arboretum, just a few short weeks's another piece underway.

If I'm sounding a tad paniced's because this exhibit got moved up by 15 days AND...the space is large when you factor in that my pieces are small!  But, I'm a happy camper, loving the incentive to keep on stitching.

 Unlike many of my recent pieces, this felted wool (Woolfelt) is commercially manufactured by National NonWovens. It comes in a variety of styles....these are mainly 80/20, the most affordable group.  The wool is the 20% which may surprise you!  But it's plenty sturdy and comes in the most luscious colors.

I've prepared it as usual, by thread basting Pellon non-fusible lightweight interfacing to the wrong side.  Next, I've auditioned various design elements....starting with the star of the show which is a rather large, beautifully colored agate slice.

 To add more texture AND additional strength, I've chosen to machine stitch the background.
Of course the stitching part can't be finished fast enough for me since all I really want to do is get on with the beading.....which is now complete.  Visit tomorrow to see its progress.  

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Robbie said...

This is a lovely piece!!!! Congrats on your upcoming exhibit too!!! Would love to see it but I'm sure you'll have pics for those of us who can't attend!