Sunday, July 21, 2013


Long time readers already know how smitten I am with National Nonwoven's products...their Woolfelt and Bamboo/Rayon are my go-to fabrics in so much of my work.  Here's the link where you can learn more about the various styles they manufacture and purchase directly from them.

I'm not an employee of the company....just a very satisfied customer who from time to time is fortunate enough to get a sneak preview of their new colors....  Did you hear me squealing yesterday when I opened the box that just arrived from them??

 Even if the colors don't translate well in my photo....just reading these names will make you want to try some on an upcoming project: Pretty In Pink, Burnt Sienna, Love Bug Blue, Earl Grey, Georgia Peach, and Spiced Cider....

Woolfelt comes in a variety of styles....some 35/65% wool/rayon  up to 100% wool.  It's felted already so you can start immediately, no messy felting here!
 My favorite was Lemon Lime Twist.....this seems to be a new direction for them.....visually it has a heather look...but it's achieved with the yellow/green color format rather than the typical darker colors one would expect.  
Their Bamboo/Rayon is soft as butter and a product I use as often as the Woolfelt.  

I noticed that Jo-Ann Fabrics has some Woolfelt on sale this week here for the direct link.  BE sure you do not buy craft felt when purchasing online......  You want the real stuff from National Nonwovens for it's strength, color, and quality.

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Robbie said...

Colors are great...I've never used this particular fact, only once did I use a wool felt (quilt store quality) for leaves on my Australian quilt..just never think of using something else...I live in a cave! :)