Sunday, July 7, 2013


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While it's been scorching hot and dry in other parts of the country....we've been blessed with rain.....and rain....and more rain.  Okay....we are saturated but fortunately, it doesn't rain all day.....just on and off.  However, 'the husband' is a bit weary of having to cut the grass (we are talking acres of grass here folks) every 5 days!

So...let's brighten up our day with a summer time quilt!  This piece has just been added to my blog shop....scroll about half way down the list.
 SUNSHINE IN MY GARDEN 38.5" x 50.5" © 2000 Mary Stori
Commercial cotton, silk ribbons/flowers/leaves bead appliqued, machine quilted. This quilt was published in Mary's book, "The Stori of Beaded Embellishment", pages 90 -93. 

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Robbie said...

Lovely piece!!! We too have had rain, rain, rain...good not having to run the springler system! But not good for white, fluffy dog!!! Plus, I don't like the heat/humidity...I like windows open..