Sunday, July 14, 2013


You may wonder how I get any projects of my own completed since I seem to be flitting off to various fiber group play days so often!  But.....ahhhhh......that's part of the secret...surround oneself with talented pals and inspiration will be your reward!

PTA (Professional Textile Artists) a group of 14 dedicated and long time quilters meets once a month.  One of our members now lives in FL but she still comes for our annual retreat and Christmas party.  With summer vacations and other obligations our gathering included a smaller number this time but it was predictably lively. 

 Georgia Bonesteel made this quilt for 'The Ranch' as she calls it....a working ranch in Montana where she and Charlotte Warr Anderson hold a yearly quilt retreat.
 Students will be creating this quilt pattern....Georgia made it using bandanna print fabrics.....we all oohed over it!
 Last month we gathered and made 4 charity quilt tops using the disappearing 9 patch block method.  If you don't know what that it and start experimenting yourself.  We began with LARGE blocks...the patches were 6" the piecing went quickly.  I'm binding this one right now and hopefully all 4 will be completed so that we can show (and turn them over) at our Asheville Quilt Guild meeting next Tues.
 Kate brought the one she quilted already bound!!!  Great job!!'s Gen, our hostess for the day....and accomplished quilter/stitcher of ANY technique you might name!  Seriously....she's mastered everything...but we still love her.  (Grinning)

Gen is holding 'the bird'.....PTA's long time mascot which finds its way into members tote bags, or autos, or hidden in their homes after a meeting. She's declaring it was leaving her house....some one was going to get it and it was not coming back to her place to gather dust again!
 Like many of us lately...the urge to purge and organize has hit......Gen has been documenting her vast quilt collection...quilts SHE made I might add.  Isn't this stunning?
She is an excellent hand quilter too.....'the bird' could have flown in my open mouth as I examined this beautifully executed piece.
  I know I sound like a cheerleader, but Gen's work is so exquisite.....she had a pile of embroidered samplers and other designs to show us......This is just one of the many that blew us all away!

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Robbie said...

What great pieces!! Aren't you the lucky one to have such talented folks to surround you with!! And I'm sure they get inspiration from you and your work as well (I do!).