Tuesday, July 23, 2013


'The husband' has been watching this Puppy Cam and constantly reporting the activity to me.  I have to admit, the 5 black and 2 yellow lab puppies are adorable!  Apparently this litter in Maryland will be raised as service dogs.  Did you jump over there to look?  Not yet??  Do it now.....really they are soooo cute!

Our rescue dog Sooty, is growing on me.  I'm not necessarily a pet lover but 'the husband' made up his mind about having another dog and that was that.  We've had her now for a little over than a year and of course she rules the house.

For a lab, she's a pitiful retriever.....she'll full out sprint for items you throw but never brings them back....and clearly doesn't care if ask her to carry them!

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