Friday, July 12, 2013


Here are a few more views of our Indigo dyeing day.....

 After dipping the clamped/rubber band/string/paper clip secured (as well as numerous other methods used to create the resist patterns)......each piece was  squeezed by hand to remove as much dye as possible.  Then hung to dry for a short time.

The most challenging part was removing all the string/rubber bands etc. from the wet fabric. In part, our high anticipation level left us impatient....we couldn't get this process completed quickly enough!
Alas.....the fabric was freed from its torture and again hung or laid out to dry.

 This is a close up of another one of mine that I like very much.  A total experiment. The fabric was a piece of deconstructed silk screen that didn't appeal to me.  It was folded into a long strip and then folded into thirds, held in place with two clamps.

 Here's another experiment...a rather plain and unattractive piece of tan silk noil. The pattern along the edge provides the clue to how the pattern was achieved. It was folded accordion style and secured with paper clips.
And finally......the resist for this piece were good old fashioned hair curlers!  What a fun and productive day we had.....  Grab some like-minded buddies and set up your own dye day!

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Robbie said...

A fun day wasn't it!!! love the orange/rust colored indigo piece! Look forward to your creations in the future!!