Thursday, July 18, 2013


My last post was a plea for your insight in regard to the hanging orientation of my lastest nuno felted, bead embellished piece.  I'm grateful for so many responses....many coming directly to my email address so unfortunately, the rest of you will miss reading them.

Most agreed that option B, which is seen below was their choice.  However, TheaM and Sheila suggested other options such as changing it to a portrait orientation, rather than landscape.  Hummmmm.....

Another idea was to offer two 'sleeves' to allow the new owner their choice. (Hopefully someone will want to purchase it!) 

 Past experience working on these very small pieces has guided me to use new finishing details.  I no longer sew on traditional cloth sleeves as their bulk can often times be visible from the front.  Instead, I use single layer bamboo/rayon triangles. Additionally, I provide a small diameter metal rod which is lighter and less bulky.  And finally, I have switched to fusing my label onto the backing...again, to avoid the bulk of thicker hand sewn label.
What is brilliant about this method on this particular piece is that I didn't really have to decide how it could/should be hung.  Using 4 triangles provides 4 ways to hang it...not the two I initially thought!!!  Life is good and a happy dance was appropriately done!

If it were my piece, I'd hang it as shown below....but yeah....options are now available.....thanks everyone for pushing me to think beyond the norm.

  CARNIVAL  10" X 7"   © 2013 
Available here

Artist nuno-felted wool, hand embroidered, bead embellished.



TheaM said...

excellent solution! thanks for the update on this supercalifragalistic-expialidociuos work of art!

The Idaho Beauty said...

This DOES look good - and I like the name. AND the option for buyer to hang any dang way he/she wants! I'd noticed how you were doing your labels on the piece I purchased and liked it very much. I bought a couple of those metal rods but then realized I had nothing to cut them with if I needed one shorter. I suppose the husband provides the solution to that for you?

Mary Stori said...

Mary replies....I'm able to cut the metal rods....which is more like really strong 1 ply wire, with a hand held wire cutter. (and I have almost no upper body strength left in this old body!) I use my husbands grinding wheel to buff the end smooth.

Robbie said...

like I said...I enjoy 'things' hanging off my quilt! This looks great!

The Idaho Beauty said...

I must not have the right kind of wire cutters, or my rod is of a different material (although yours and mine look the same). Or maybe not as thin, now that I think about it. At any rate, nice to know you are still an independent woman!