Sunday, April 29, 2012


It's not a surprise....this newly adopted rescue dog has literally taken over our household, not to mention our daily routine.

I'm still mad at her quite often as she definitely has a mind of her own which is intent on chewing up all rugs and various other interesting objects that tempt her.

But doesn't she look so innocent here?  We had a dog outing with some friend and their well behaved dog yesterday at Dupont State Forest.  It was a beautiful day and this popular water fall attraction destination was crowded.  It's a good thing we have some dog training scheduled for her because she did not cooperate on the leash well at all.

I rarely look at you-tube......really....I already spend more time at the computer than I should.  But 'the husband' found this clip, a follow up to one that was posted ages ago.  It's really worth watching if you love dogs.....and ya gotta wonder, how on earth did they get these dogs to behave so well.  Maybe there's hope for Sooty?!?

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