Wednesday, April 18, 2012


.......the preparation process continues....

 Now that the stabilizer is basted to the wrong side of the felted wool...for this project I'm taking a bit of a short cut.  Rather than bead the stems, I've chosen to machine stitch those lines using brown rayon thread in needle and bobbin, following the drawn lines as I sew from the wrong side.  

Likewise, the pine cones were stitched with black thread. 

 To transfer the design lines of the 'needles', my approach many times is to machine stitch them from the wrong side.  But, because I'm going to use really tiny beads for this project, I opted to hand baste the lines instead to make it easy to remove and assure a tidy appearance.
 The beading has begun......I'll baste more of the needle lines as I move along.  Frankly, I couldn't wait to see how this was going to look so only a small portion of the basting was sewn.
Detail....notice that the 'needle' lines do not meet the stem.  I'm planning to hand embroider a base for each of the needle units to fill that space.  Just guessing here....I probably can't wait to see how that looks either so perhaps tomorrow my photos will have that detail added to this small section.

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