Friday, April 6, 2012


One year ago a new blog was born.....See How We Sew.  It's one you'll appreciate checking in with often. The authors are:  Christie Batterman, Jennifer Rounds, Laura Nownes, and my pal Darra Williamson. They address a variety of subjects; introducing readers to the newest books, tools, fabrics, trends, often providing helpful step-by-step tutorials.

Darra is a well known talented quilter, author, and excellent free-lance editor.  Our paths first crossed in the early 1990's when we worked on articles together for Rodale Books. I'm delighted to be able to call her a friend....and wish we could get her to move back to NC.

She was my tireless, excellent, mind-reader editor for "The Stori of Beaded Embellishment", published by That Patchwork Place in 2001.  When Darra accepted the prestigious position of Editor-in-Chief at C & T, luckily I became an author for that publishing company!  The first of my 4 projects with them, "Beading Basics", was published in 2004.  

Today she introduced our PTA (Professional Textile Artist group) to their blog readers....check it out here.

PTA members - left to right first row crouching:  Dort Lee, Lynne Harrill, Gen Grundy.  Second row: Mary Stori, Judy Simmons, Linda Cantrell, Kate Weston.  Third row:  Cathy Nieman, Janice Maddox, Mary Berry, Barbara Swinea, Georgia Bonesteel.  If you look closely behind and between Barbara (in yellow) and Georgia (in peach), you'll see our rebel member Connie Brown waving from between the metal posts of the sculpture we were posing in front of!

We appreciate Darra's interest in our group and are so happy to share our work.  Of course all you faithful readers to this blog probably already know all about PTA....which has nothing to do with the school organization!  

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Robbie said...

You've been so fortunate in your lifetime with the friends and acquaintances you've acquired...but as I've quoted have a friend, is to be a friend!! I'm off to check out the links in your post!!