Tuesday, April 17, 2012


After finding lots of long needle pine needles scattered along our walkway last fall, I had fun making this quilt.

......and because I was stuck in the design process of my current project, an idea of how to use this subject again came to me. 

I'm not making much headway on my goal to donate several pieces to Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative big fund raiser in Houston in the fall....so it's time to get my fingers beading and revisit the pine needle theme.  By the way, this worthy cause has hit a huge milestone, it received the donation of the 10,000th Priority Quilt!! Be sure to click on the link provided to read all about it.

I've pulled fabric and beads.....keeping my theme of long needle pine needles in mind.

Next, I drew out a design on non-fusible Pellon lightweight interfacing....and tweaked some of the bead choices.

Using a black permanent marker, I traced the pencil markings for easier visibility on the reverse side.  The interfacing was then basted to the wrong side of a piece of felted wool which is 1+" larger than needed.

Notice the basting is being done along a marked rectangle ....which is 1/2" smaller on all four sides than the required 9" x 12" finished piece.  Both of these steps provide a margin of error that is useful when squaring the quilt after the beading is complete.

....stay tuned....

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