Thursday, April 19, 2012


I took these photos last night before bedtime with poor lighting...this morning we are experiencing a second day of much needed rain and very dark skies the quality and color will have to do for now..... 

 As I predicted....the end nubs (surely there is a correct word?) were screaming to be stitched. So I worked on those areas first.

 My friend Cindy Blackberg put me on to Valdani, size 12 embroidery thread, that I used. I love it!!  This super soft, easy to work with thread is made in Romania and comes in luscious variegated colors....available on Cindy's website. 
......the rest of the evening was spent adding more beads and more 'nubs'.  I'm enjoying the soothing process of having a project in my hands in the evening since TV watching usually revolves around any type of show that features engines, wheels, and things that blow up!

Of course during the day in my studio, I expand my mind by watching/listening (many times with my mouth wide open in total disbelief) to Bravo's many "Housewive's" shows....

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