Sunday, April 22, 2012


While I'm spending my evenings beading on the Pine Needle wall hanging, I've been busy during the day creating a wall hanging (ya, like I have my entire days free to play in my studio, NOT!)

This theme quilt is for a baby boy who will be joining our family very soon.  The nursery features space motifs.....from the rocket ship curtains, to a colorful mobile, and a modern overhead lighting system.

 In keeping with their color scheme......fabrics were pulled and auditioned on my design wall.
 Roughly, the design began to develop in my mind. I truly have no drawing skills, so I often must spend more time than I'd like, searching copyright-free websites to find motifs that I can tweak by tracing/enlarging/reducing for my purposes.  We all know that paper templates don't always translate well to fabric...but it's a start.
And you can see I'm creating a big mess as I fuse, cut, audition again, reject, then pull more fabric to repeat the process.  But.....this is a process, sometimes the steps go effortlessly, other times not.  For's the end result that matters. I don't hurry any of the steps just to finish faster....I need the work to be one I'm proud of, no matter how long it takes.

Let's see how much progress I make today.  It's now past noon and I've already done a 90 min. walk, 3 loads of laundry, drove 25 mins. there and back to the grocery store, and played ball with the dog - who over-runs it each the exercise process takes twice as long as I want it to!  There's another to-do list that needs to get fitted in sometime this afternoon as well....however, I WILL work as much as I can on this project and report back tomorrow.

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