Saturday, April 28, 2012


It's wonderful having readers who are willing to provide input when indecision hits me.  We are all in agreement....the pine cones should remain as they are and not further embellished with beads or threads.

Like Jane said in a private email to me.....that could be another quilt!  It's a recommendation I've often made to students in project classes, so I'll follow my own advice and thank you all for your contributions. 

 After what seemed like hours, shifting and rearranging various bead styles and bead patterns to add to the edge of the quilt.....I took a break and decided to wait until my evening hand sewing time to make the final decision.

So....I go to sit down in my 'space'....denim couch, bright light over my shoulder, coffee table to rest my feet, supplies at hand, big screen TV (with the program usually set to some car thing or other since I don't have control of the clicker)....and oh ya, now a big black dog trying to worm its way onto the couch.

It's then that I realize, nope.....the reason I couldn't decide on a bead pattern was because outlining with lots of beads wasn't right for this piece.  Instead of framing the design, it was going to overpower it.

In a flash I dashed up to my studio, grabbed some embroidery thread, a big eye needle, and within a few minutes was happily hand embroidering a blanket stitch along the edge.

 Although that decision was seemed a bit unfinished.  Go figure.....yup, I added beads as you can see in this detail.


I'm accumulating quite a collection of work to donate to AAQI's Houston fall sale, this may be one of them....however if in the meantime, anyone is interested in purchasing it....visit here.  I have plenty of time and new ideas to make more for this worthy cause.

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Robbie said...

It's perfect!!!! A great piece, Mary!!!