Wednesday, April 4, 2012


.....Some folks just have it.....I mean that very special attention to detail that turns ordinary into extra-ordinary!
 For many times have you ever seen the unattractive structure that make up bleachers covered?  I don't recall a single instance!  Not only rained buckets the day before the races......the grounds understandably  in many places turned into mud ruts.  I've gone to tons of races in my days and never, ever have I seen the organizers haul in truck load after truck load of sand to resolve that problem.   Soooo impressive!
 The Barber Motorsport Motorcycle Museum is world famous.  Their collection of 'just' motorcycles has reached over 2,000, with 1,500 on display at any given time. (Though there are cars, outboard motors, and other race type memorabilia on display as well.)

This is all contained in an immaculate 5 story open atrium concrete/glass building.  The innovative methods used to display the motorcycles is art in itself.
 The placement of these bikes looked like branches of an evergreen tree.
 A huge glass elevator is located in the center of the's suggested one ride up to the top floor to begin the tour.....and walk down the open view ramps as each floor is visited.  

Look at the top of the elevator......again, the humor of their designers is present....there's a formula one race car on the roof of the elevator!
 This is a race car the cars speed around the tracks....the rubber gets very hot and melts into pellets which are thrown off the tires.  As the races proceed you'll see the track littered with marble sized pieces of rubber. And of course the tires run back over these pellets and this is the result. Dont' you agree that if this was printed on a piece of fabric we'd call it a design!
 I continue my love affair of Alexander Calder......sorry about the poor quality of photo.  This signed print was hanging on the wall as you entered the woman's washroom.  Amazing!
 Through the floor to ceiling windows looking into the staff's offices I spotted more art.  Here's a hooked rug.
.....and there were several patchwork quilts made from race related t-shirts.

You don't have to be a fan of motorcycles to enjoy this awesome museum and race track's open to the public most days.

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