Saturday, April 21, 2012


I'm pausing my reports on the Pine Needle soon as more significant progress is made, I'll share it again.

Instead....Today I want to announce that registration is open for my April 2-10, 2013 Charleston, SC & Savannah, GA Quilt Tour.  Two years ago I hosted a similar trip to the Asheville area and we knew immediately that we wanted to repeat this type of tour by exploring other historic/craft/art/foodie in the good ole' USA.

Click on the link provided to learn all about the trip and consider signing up early. We design these tours for very small groups.....the better to get to know everyone, but that means space is limited!

We will begin in Charleston, SC......a city of living history and culture. One of the stops I'm most looking forward to is a visit to Charleston's Old Market. You'll marvel at this huge market where craftmen's display and sell their handmade wares.  It's blocks and blocks long and steps away from fabulous restaurants and coffee houses where you can rest your feet before you head back for more shopping.

Besides all the fabric and craft shopping we will be doing, we will also be touring Boone Hall.  This is the stunning view visitors experience upon entering the plantation as they pass through the world famous Avenue of Oaks. This working plantation has been growing and producing crops for 320 years!

Of course there will be so much more to see and do while we are in Charleston, including a luncheon with a local quilt on John's Island....the brochure has all the details.

After our Charleston experience, we will head to another Southern city that often tops traveler's 'to-do' list....Savannah, GA.  

One could spend days simply strolling the many delightfully beautiful squares in the historic district.  If you listen very may even hear the music of Johnny Mercer still hanging in the air or see Forest Gump sitting on a park bench!

Savannah is a wonderful user friendly place to visit.  A lot of history is packed into this area. An 'on'-off' trolley allows you to experience so many interesting places in a short period of time.

Here's an example:  This is the birthplace of Juliette Gorden Low, the founder of the Girl Scouts of America.

Oh....and did I mention food.......okay foodies.....listen up....  We have made special arrangement to have a group dinner at Paula Deen's restaurant.  You may know folks generally line up at 9:00 in the morning to get the chance to eat there....we won't have to do that!

I hope some of you may be interested in joining the fun of traveling with other quilters, learning and experiencing the history of our country, and oh ya....fabric shopping too. I'm looking forward to enjoying this special relaxing time with you.

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