Sunday, October 2, 2011


What do you do when you aren't quilting?? Personally.....I'd rather sew than just about anything else. Really......that's what I want to do.

However, 'the husband' is a speed junkie.....and loves to attend car races, esp. the LeMans series. So off we went this weekend to Road Atlanta (a track North of Atlanta, GA.) You'd assume I'd be posting pictures of the event.....ya, I took some and maybe I will......but these will have much more connectivity to quilters. Aren't we all about FOOD!

We are thrilled that our niece is engaged to a wonderful young man who loves racing, as does his family. We all met at the Petit LeMans (10 hour race....imagine the ringing in my ears after 10 hours of LOUD, really LOUD engines.) We dined at the fancy, smampsy Chateau Elan. It looks like a baby size copy of Asheville's Biltmore!

Fortunately, there's an affordable pub on the property where we dined on fish and chips......delicious.

We stayed in Gainesville, GA where the hotel staff recommended a small nearby restaurant called '2 Dog Cafe.' Both the food and service were excellent. The walls were charming....covered in wine corks, very patchwork like.


....and here's the pay off I got for being the good wife and enduring 2 days of sun, wind, dust, noise, thirst, & physical discomfort (no comfy seats can be found at a race track!)
Peanut Butter Pie.....sooooooo good!!

The husband devoured a chocolate torte.....which looks like a hunk of fudge but was quite light with a hint of what I decided was raspberry.

I guess if I'm not sewing......sampling yummy food is a good alternative!

Oh.....can't resist.....saying GO PACKERS!!! Another win today. I might also add a thank you to the San Diego Chargers for helping me stay in the Suicide Football Pool with their win. 5 more participants bit the dust so far this weekend with loses by the Eagles and the Bills. So from our initial 53 starters in the pool, at this very moment 22 are out. This pool really keeps the NFL season interesting because frankly, otherwise the only game I'd care about would be the Packers!!


Amy said...

Speaking as a San Diegan, glad we could help you stay in the pool, I'm sure you'll want to share your winnings at the end! :-) just kidding....

Robbie said...

Geezzzz Did you hear about the Lions game? Down 24 points at half time but they ended up winning! We play GB on Thanksgiving!! Should be a great game!!! Keep up the good work on the pool!

Wendy said...

Oh, so *that's* where you were! I went to see the Asheville Guild's show and hoped to maybe catch a glimpse of *you* while i was there... Oh well. Hopefully next time. =-)