Monday, October 17, 2011


Now that I'm out of the Suicide Football pool, I need only concentrate on and cheer for one team......of course that's the Green & Gold of the Greenbay Packers....

But....what's this???  The coolest uniforms I've seen in a long time.  They wore replicas of uniforms worn in 1929.  That fledgling team, under the guidance of Curly Lambueau, received a $500 uniform stipend from Acme Packing.....his full time employer to purchase uniforms.  Their stats that year were 12-0-1.

Considering they've begun this season with a 6-0 record......they are on their way again!

We are luckier this year then ever because the Packer games will be shown on network TV a lot.  However, yesterday's win of 23-3 over the Rams wasn' off we headed to the local sports bar to cheer for our team!

And yes.....we weren't the only Packer backers.  This adorable little fellow (nearly a year old) had both is Mom and Grandmothers chasing after he proudly tottered around wearing #12!

I actually already own some old school Packer gear.....and after seeing the cool knit caps the players were wearing I got on line when we got home.  My can buy just about anything with the Packer it!!!


Robbie said...

It's going to be a great Thanksgiving game isn't it! Lions loss yesterday was a tough one but they didn't deserve to win so it ended as it should have. Just hope they get their act together again to put on a good game! Congrats to GB! Rogers is always spot on!

Mary Stori said...

It will be like the Turkey Days I grew up with.....they seemed to always played each other.....meal time revolved around game time! May the best team will be a good show for sure!