Saturday, October 8, 2011


Life in the Great Smoky Mountains is way different than the lifestyle we lived in Wisconsin.....we are still exploring the area and are amused and astonished by what we find.

We headed to Franklin, NC yesterday in hopes of dining at what has become almost a cult favorite.  It's called Caffe REL.   This French Bistro, almost always has lines out the door and get's located in a GAS station!!  Yup.....famous chef REL, who left the renowned Greenbriar Restaurant to open this small cafe has achieved a lot of success here in the mountains.  If you ever come......bring cash....they don't take credit cards!

"The husband' had first read about this restaurant in one of his Porsche the chef/owner is a Porsche nut you can see by his car....

Do you get this front license plate?  'The husband' of course had to explain it to me.

Inside is frills.....they've saved that for the excellent food that's served!

The waitress accidentally knocked a full glass of 'the husband's' coke over while she was removing our dinner when we ordered dessert.....his VERY rich, VERY dark chocolate cake came super sized!

The reason for our trek to Franklin was to see (for probably the 14th time)  our favorite Bluegrass group.....Dailey & Vincent.  Each show gets better and better and no two are alike.  It was a small venue with super comfy seats, great sound system....perfect evening.

When Dailey and Vincent harmonize together there is never a sound in the's magic!

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