Monday, October 24, 2011


 FIRST.....Yeah.....Go Packers!!!  Still undefeated......

Over the weekend, we watched two really interesting documentaries.  One was, 'Welcome to Macintosh', about the creation of Apple.  We bought our first Apple11e in the late 1970's and have owned probably every model since then...usually several at a time.  Though of course with Steve Job's passing recently, many news organizations have featured the background of this company....this documentary was so interesting and worth the time.

The second one is called 'Waste Land", the story of Vik Muniz's project, 'Pictures of Garbage'.  This exhibit was shown at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio in 2009.  It earned over $250,000 which was donated to the 'pickers' who help to recycle garbage in Brazil.

Here's Vik at the world's largest landfill.  The brightly shirted workers are picking through the garbage to collect any item that can be sold for recycling.  This is how they earn their meager living.  Unlike most of us, recycling is not mandatory, nor often even available.

This movie had an enormous impact on me.  It was a reminder of just how good my life my advice to myself.......shut up, quit complaining!!  The pickers live in these shacks....the environment is beyond belief.

Vik's project was to utilize materials that could be recycled, using them to recreate photo images he took at the landfill.   The art is HUGE.......  He expertly photographed each completed piece for his exhibit....before the materials found their way back for recycling.  Every item of this artwork was initially garbage!

Enjoy these amazing images and consider viewing this documentary about how art touched the lives of some proud, hard working people.


Robbie said...

I just checked and NetFlix has the movie Waste Land so I put it in my instant queue. Thanks!

Mary Stori said...

Yes, we got both movies from NetFlix.....