Monday, October 3, 2011


I've been a bit grouchy with myself.....feeling frustrated that so many of my recent projects seemed to be such a design struggle. It feels like I'm doing as much unsewing as sewing.

Well.....after actually thinking about this for awhile, the real reason became apparent. I'm not having any more struggles than usual, however, blogging about them has highlighted that process. Naturally, there's always ups and downs when creating original work. That's just part of the deal! AND....actually, that's what makes it so appealing to me because sitting at the machine stitching identical block shapes over and over bores me silly.

So now that I've had an attitude adjustment......the back and forth decisions will continue. Eventually I'll hit upon the right one and proceed, always keeping in doesn't matter how long it takes, achieving the best finished product is the goal!

So....I'm back working on this little hand-dyed wool felt piece. I've added some simple chicken scratch embroidery on the background and stitched french knots around the outside edges. I'm going to combine the two pieces into one unit. So I'm back to playing around with wood sticks to join them and possibly as a means to hang the work.

I like that 'idea', but feel that the wood joiner pieces are visually too strong....maybe thinner sticks would be better. My eyes will be cast downward as we do our 'forced march' up and down our mountain road today for other options......

Oh...yes.... now I am having fun again.

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Wendy said...

I'm liking it Mary. The smaller pieces connecting the two textile pieces, and the bigger one above. I think it looks good.
Not that that matters one hoot!
Glad you're enjoying the process.
Life is about the venture, not the final destination.