Thursday, October 6, 2011


What??  Yup....I'm at it again.....experimenting with new materials and new directions.  Naturally, I'll be reminding myself of the growth that is sure to come of this journey (as I bumble and probably grumble along)!!

At our 2011 PTA retreat, Kate generously organized a side project for each of us.  We were provided with all the materials to rust a fat quarter of muslin.  It seems rusting has caught on everywhere and I've enjoyed seeing the interesting fabrics that are produced.

Mine had two distinct area was very heavily rusted and the other achieved more of a stripe affect.  Cutting these sections apart and combining them by sewing two 'border' pieces onto one main panel yielded a background for me to begin.

Next I basted batting to the wrong side to act as a stabilizer for some random single thread embroidery stitching.  Ya,'s not much to show yet.....but I'm working on it.....

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