Monday, October 10, 2011


Oh darn, oh darn.......shock and awe......despite having a nearly 10 point spread, the NY Giants lost (big time) to Seattle...... the photos speak for themselves.......the BALL was owned by the Seahawks.

So, I'm out of the are an astonishing other 21 participants who also picked the Giants to win this week.  The pool started with 53 and now, after only week #5 there are only 5 left.  I don't think there has ever been that many folks knocked out on one game and there has never been this few left at the beginning of the season!!  The last man standing wins the $1,000 + pot.

Two years ago I also went out by picking the Giants and that was on the 2nd week!!!  Honestly, it would have been nice to get a fat payback.....but I love being in just because it makes the games far more interesting.  But like they say.....'there's always next year'.

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