Friday, October 7, 2011


Someone just made my day......thank you!!  I don't pay much attention to sitemeters or make notches on my belt by the number of 'followers' this blog has.  Quite frankly, I myself don't participate in many of the social media such as Facebook or Twitter....time wise, blogging is quite enough for me. 

With that said.......I'm so grateful that today marks the 100th follower to join the site.  There must be a way to find out who that was but I'm barely treading water with this computer stuff as it is.  Somehow Blogger's format changed (like overnight on my computer!) and I spent hours yesterday reworking a new blog (to be announced soon) trying to figure all this out.....  Like I said.....a techy I'm not!

Here's a big THANK YOU to all of you who follow my's rewarding (and a bit surprising) to learn that others find my ramblings of interest.  I can definitely say that blogging has made me much more aware and appreciative of my daily life.'s how I spent yesterday....

My friend Judy Simmons gave me this beautiful cabochon, which prompted me to use my rusted fabric for this next project.  It's been secured to the fabric using a beaded cage.

Here's how the piece looked at that stage.
6" x 14"

6" x 12"
After much gazing at the piece, I felt it didn't have enough I added more beads along the rusted lines.  I also decided to shorten the piece, which meant removing some embellishments on that bottom border. (Unsewing is something I seem to be doing a lot lately!!) still wasn't right......ya I know...this is crazy.  Oh I went back with another single strand of embroidery floss, and stitched over all the black embroidery.  There is a positive difference...subtle but visible, as you can see by comparing the top row, which has been completed to the one below it which still has only 1 strand of floss.

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Anita said...

This piece is beautiful, Mary! So not what I expected to see on your blog, but lovely.