Sunday, October 23, 2011


The mini redecorating continues......happily my container diving in my storage closet yielded some tan/white heavy cotton ticking fabric.  I'm not sure what I had in mind for this 6 yard piece, certainly not a quilt backing as I incorrectly remembered....this stuff is the weight of a lightweight denim.

 Which turned out to be the perfect material for my project.  Years ago we had the most wonderful Golden Retriever....who slept in our room on the floor at night.......but always snuggled up next to the bed which often soiled the bed skirt.  I'm a rather picky housekeeper so that drove me nuts.  

Removing the mattress to get at the box spring portion of the bed in order to take off the bed skirt, wash it, and replace it was a CHORE.  One I hated I don't mind adding!

So, I came up with a nifty method for this task which involved making my own bed skirt panel (and obviously then being able to utilize any fabric I wished)!  

Here's how:  
- Measure the 'drop' of the bed skirt......from the floor to the top of the box spring + about 2".  Also, measure the length you will need to go around 3 sides of the bed, adding about 12" to turn the corners.
- Cut your chosen fabric to measure the required 'drop' of the skirt and the total length required to cover all 3 sides of the bed.  Serge the short sides together.
- Next, serge the entire length of this long panel of fabric, do both sides.
- Turn about 1/2" of the bottom edge to the wrong side, pressing & pinning as you go.
-  Machine stitch to finish the hem.
-  Press well and are finished.

 You'll need upholstery screws/anchors to secure the bed skirt to the top of the box spring.  They are available at any full service fabric store.

Slide the mattress slightly to one side to allow access to the box spring.  Starting at the head of the bed, position the end of the bed skirt to fit along the side of the bed, secure to the box spring with an upholstery screw.  Continue along this side, securing about every 8 inches.  

At the corner, make a box pleat, you'll need to use more screws to hold it in place.  (Move the mattress again as necessary.) Then work your way along the foot end of the bed.  At the next corner fold another box pleat into position.  Continue as directed until you reach the end at the 3rd side of the bed. 

Using a long panel is an easy way to customize the look of your bedding and without having to remove the mattress!!   If desired, double the length of the panel then gather or pleat it. (Secure with machine stitching before positioning it along the bed.)

Hope you find this helpful and perhaps it will encourage you to do a little makeover for your bedroom.

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Windy Hills Happenings said...

What a great idea!...I've always made my own bedskirts and also hate the chore of removing mattress and box spring to get to it for washing.....Thanks