Saturday, September 10, 2011


...the continuing saga.....

Our show and tell often goes beyond seeing the actual piece.......explanations in regard to inspiration/s serve as a helpful jumping off points as well.

The hardest part of this process was (and always is) keeping the 12-14 of us on task.......we pretty much are always all talking at once. Barbara S. had to wield the power of the 'talking spoon' more than once during this gathering. What's a 'talking spoon'? It's our method of trying to control chaos. When we get out of control....someone grabs a spoon (we are quilters...there's always food and eating utensils nearby).....bangs it on a hard surface and we are all to shut up while a point is being made...... Does it work?? Hummmm sometimes.....

So...on with the show....
Cathy N. brought her in-progress piece, " Sunnyside Up", that's being made for our exhibit "Inspired By..." The artist she selected is Kandinsky.

Each block is different, all very colorful and display machine applique and hand embroidery....

Super don't you think??

Barbara S. has had a lot of distractions in her life lately and admittedly was getting anxious about her lack of a design for her "Inspired By...." artist piece. This book was given to her by fellow member Georgia Bonesteel and she's now revving to go!'s ideas can come from anywhere....even a children's coloring book.

Janice M. shared this very pleasing visual quilt. Her inspiration came from seeing a young lady wearing stripe knee high leg the stripes were running vertical the other horizontal...... What great vision Janice had to think of tweaking it into a quilt!

Janice M. also brought a stunning needlework project she recently had framed. I'm so sorry my photo doesn't come close to how exquisite it was. Janice took an interesting approach....instead of using (for instance) 3 strands of one color, say red.....she mixed 1 darker red with 2 brighter ones which provides it's own sort of shading, depth, and texture to the piece.

Jack of all trades Gen....who can do anything.....showed these yummy socks.....I don't know what the yarn was but I wanted to cuddle with it. probably only took her 10 minutes to make them......!!!!

Georgia Bonesteel and Charlotte Warr Anderson host an annual retreat at a Montana ranch.....this is the design Georgia's students worked on this year. What may not be apparent is the blue back ground fabric is a cowboy print and the white is a cheerful polka dot. Notice the steer head on each border......complete with huge horns!

This is the same design but assembled with more traditional fabrics......such fun to see the differences.

I hope you enjoyed our PTA show and tell.......I'll report again about this fiesty group next month!

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