Wednesday, September 14, 2011


During my growing up years (hummm is that over??), we never had pets......well we did have 2 (outside) rabbits for awhile which disappeared one day in early winter. Later we found out my Mom gave them to someone....the pets became dinner. So sad..... But now that I think about it....what a practical thing to do when caring for a pet becomes impossible in frigid Wisconsin.

The first dog I ever shared my life with after I got married was a bulldog. "Chopper" was the sweetest thing.....well, that is once I got over being afraid of her! So....our heartstrings are always pulled a little bit when we see this breed of dog.

Rarely do I spent time watching online videos....heck, I don't have enough time in the day for the things I need to get done! However.....I encourage you to watch this won't believe it. The last section is my favorite part (as I watched trying to pick my jaw up off the floor). Click here.


Wendy said...

Oh that's awesome Mary!
My daughter loved it too.

Nancy M. said...

I've seen it and love it! Cool dog! Here's another to make you smile -

Windy Hills Happenings said...

Absolutely awesome...We all loved it, (watched it several times), laughed ourselves silly - Mike wants that dog!!!!

Robbie said...

OK, just way too cute!!! Love the skateboard one! He was awesome!!!