Sunday, September 25, 2011


I interrupt the return to quilt related posts for a loud GO PACKERS cheer this morning. Hate is a really strong word......but one that is used often by Packer fans in regard to the Chicago Bears.

This rivalry began in 1921.....and we Cheeseheads are hoping for another Packer victory today at Soldier's Field in Chicago.

Rodgers.....get your game face on!

This is what I hope to and gold everywhere!

One very annoying aspect of living in NC is the lack of TV coverage for our beloved we will be heading to a sports bar later today to see the game. Oh by the case anyone cares.....I'm still in the Suicide Football pool.....well okay it's only week #3......but still, 9 others are already out. So, I'll also be keeping tabs on the earlier TN/Denver game. Fingers crossed for a Titans win!


Robbie said...

I'm watching 'your' game now and GB is ahead 27-17. Good game...but how about those LIONS!!! What until we have a match up with GB!!!

Laura Wasilowski said...

So what if the Bears stink! At least they have prettier uniforms.

Mary Stori said...

Hey are MUCH better with color and style then that!! If it weren't for the white pants, the Bears would have looked like big over-ripe pumpkins!!!