Monday, September 26, 2011



And.....yikes Laura W. (regarding your comment on my 9/25/11 post) the Bears do not have better uniforms.....if it wasn't for the white pants, they'd look like over-ripe pumpkins.....on second thought....they do!

8 more are out of the Suicide Pool after picking NE Patriots to win yesterday.......though that certainly seemed like a safe bet. I'm golden (as in green and GOLD....beautiful colors).....the Titans won....though I got a scare in the 4th quarter and thought for awhile that I was toast too.

Week I pick?? Haven't decided yet......will start studying asap.


Robbie said...

Oh Laura!! Although, I might agree with you but then I think the LIONS have the best uniforms!

Chris Daly said...

Lol, My husband and I used to be Bears fans until we saw those ugly orange uniforms. What were they thinking? Go Pack Go!