Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I'm not very comfortable or frankly skilled at designing pieces that don't feature a specific theme, such as my recent pussy willows or rose beaded designs.

Every once in awhile I force myself to try a more contemporary/abstract approach....which is ALWAYS a struggle.....but probably a good exercise.

One of the wool felted pieces I recently dyed wasn't terribly successful......yet because of the bland colors I still felt it had potential as a background. It may blend well with another piece of brown commercial wool that I felted.

I plan to work this new piece, unit by unit, and have randomly cut small sections off the my hand dyed large hunk of fabric.

Somewhat following the pitiful design of the fabric.....I've stitched some beads and am auditioning others. I'm thinking of leaving the edges unfinished (which will be VERY difficult for a neat freak like me to do!)

Here's another hunk that I'm playing with. The heavy cast metal beads have been difficult to attach because their holes are large and uneven. For now I'm experimenting by attaching them with perle cotton.

More to come as it develops.....

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Robbie said...

Interesting start on your pieces. I like the felt being used with the beads. You do that so well!