Saturday, September 17, 2011


'The husband' is holding down the fort at home while I took a few days to head to the West coast to visit my brother and his family. It's one of those things that is so easily postponed. It's so easy to blame the lack of time for not keeping better in touch with our loved ones.
I'm determined to be more proactive about spending time with family! I am in the state of OR.....and my sweet sister-in-law surprised me with this terrific coffee mug. Of course you all may know I'm a proud Cheesehead.....even if I now live in NC.....Wisconsin will always be home for me. What's even more perfect about this mug is the addition of the mouse.

.......not that this matters to anyone.......but in case you are interested...... no one in my family calls me Mary. I have always been known by the nickname "Mouse". This was such a thoughtful gift.....purchased at the airport in Green Bay, WI.....

So...what is this all about??'s a reminder to all you hoarders out there......someday your kids will be cleaning out your homes/condos/apartments. And.....your kids may feel so sentimental....they too will find themselves paying a shipping bill of $900 to move 'stuff' from one part of the country to another.....

Only to have your spouse get grumpy about where on earth all this useless stuff will be stored in your own home.

Yes, I'm tattling on my tender hearted sister-in-law who found so many memories in her parents home while it was being emptied that they filled all these boxes. I've been laughing like crazy over the 'debate' my brother has been having with her about the practicality of her decision to ship all this stuff to OR. It should be real fun watching as the unpacking occurs and more 'debates' are sure to come.

So......remember everyone.......declutter now so you kids don't have to!!!

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KQ Sue said...

Avenge your self and live long enough be a problem to your children; or leave enough "stuff" behind to drive them nuts!