Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Short getaways are such a great way to get renewed and refreshed.......and a perfect opportunity to bond with family.

Air travel has gotten more difficult.....I think everyone can agree about that! Because my teaching schedule has been so hectic over the last 23 years, justifying a membership to an airline club for the last 11 years was a given. Now that my retirement plans are almost upon me, I simply couldn't sign on that expensive dotted line this year. So....here I am at San Francisco's United terminal....like a puppy dog with my nose against the magic glass door to the oasis beyond.

At least I didn't throw myself down on the floor kicking and screaming......"I want my pass to get in!"

Instead, my time was spent wandering around. I enjoyed this exhibit featuring the evolution of television. Some of you youngn's may not even know what this is....but I can still recall the 'test' pictures displayed when a channel went off the air for the night. A far cry from today's 24-7 programing.
This artwork caught my eye.
I can barely remember TV's that look like this. Aren't we spoiled now with our 70" ones?

And who can forget Bonanza....

...or later Mash??

It was fun revisiting the birth of the TV and certainly helped pass the time between flight # 1 & #2. My layover in Chicago between # 2 & # 3 flights was longer. People watching kept me occupied there!

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Robbie said...

How interesting! I do remember the 'sign off'...and remember they would play the Star Spangled Banner at the end of the evening as well!! boy..that sure brings back memories!