Monday, September 12, 2011


WHEW!!! Seriously for awhile yesterday, I thought it'd be 'one and out' for me. I'm talking about the Suicide Football Pool I'm in. This year there are 53 in the pool, all vying for the $1,060 payoff.

The rules are simple.....each participant selects 1 team...and only 1 team to win each week...if your team loses, you are out. Seems simple right? NOT so....because you can never select that team there is some strategy involved.

I picked Arizona....who interestingly played the Carolina Panthers.....even though I live in NC....I couldn't even tell you the name of one player. My team is the Packers......who thrilled us all on Thursday night (like you all don't already know that!)

While I was biting my nails over the Arizona game, I took guilty pleasure over the 20 participants who had selected the San Diego Chargers. Their team was behind most of the game. It would have been a first if 20 people were out the first week with just one game! As it is, so far 6 are out. 8 players must wait till tonight to see if they can move onto week #2. You can be sure I'm already studying and making notes to help me with the next pick.

OH.....and my sister-in-law Barbara is playing for the first time this year. Humm, her pick of Detroit seemed gutsy....but they won which I know also made faithful reader Robbie happy too.

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Robbie said...

Yep, yep!!! I'm a happy Lions fan!! I think the heat got to the Lions in the 4th quarter.
It's an exciting year already isn't it! Don't you just love FOOTBALL! Only problem right now, we're trying to watch the Tigers and NE/Brady (football) at the same time! What ever happened to picture-in-a-picture on the tv's!!