Thursday, August 25, 2011


I spent many, many a day exploring the rocky jetties along the shores of Lake Michigan,

It appears so serene in this as an adult, I could now sit for hours reflecting....

The fancy boat slip areas are new and have helped to revitalize the whole lake front.

Memories of days playing on the sandy beaches and jumping the waves in the lake came flooding back. I'm so grateful to have grown up in a small, safe town where we spent entire carefree days going anywhere we pleased on our bikes. What a change from the current society/life style where most kids' activities are programed and Mom or Dad drive them everywhere...... Sometimes I think progress isn't progress at all.

As quiet as Mother Nature was this day at the isn't always of course. When the harbor was being readied for its face lift......this old schooner was salvaged and thankfully saved for us to appreciate. The following two photos are clickable to enlarge....enjoy a bit of America's history......

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thea said...

The great lakes are amazing, aren't they? with their stories to tell..