Sunday, August 7, 2011


Bidding for this special AAQI Auction ends Wednesday at 10:00 PM (Central time). This is your chance to purchase an original quilt that traveled in AAQI's "Forgetting Piece by Piece" Exhibit. They were featured in a book by the same name as well as a CD. What a wonderful investment, not to mention the tax deduction!

Here's a look at a few of the other pieces on the auction list, each made by a nationally recognized quilt personality. Several days ago I posted a photo of my quilt which I have also donated for this worthy here to see all 20 quilts and make your bid.

Please consider passing this link along to your friends, Facebook pages, or any other online groups you belong to. Quilters have made such a difference in this fight....let's show our dedication and raise a lot more money!!!

Confusion - Made by Elsie Campbell

A Day With Beebe - Made by Marsha McCloskey

Russian Olive Trees - Made by Debbie Bowles

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