Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Recently a bead group has formed in Asheville.....and though I really shouldn't add another group to my already full schedule.....I simply couldn't resist joining.

We'll meet once a month and share our knowledge of beadwork. We range in skill from beginners to advanced. Most of the participants are more familiar with creating jewelry....something I know very little about so I'm excited to have the opportunity to learn more.

Here's an example of spiral beading that Peggy shared with the group.

....and another.....

This book was highly recommended. was this.....

Years ago I made a beaded spiral necklace.....I vaguely recall following instructions published in Bead and Button Magazine....but have no recollection of the thread path. It's a simple stitch once you know it......and I was delighted to be reminded! Here's my beginning.....where I actually messed up immediately but didn't realize it until later.
(The blue bead units should both be on the same side.) But hey.....I won't make it again!

....the good news mistake is barely visible....
I used small seed beads...size 11.....this technique works up MUCH faster using larger ones. Here a busy beader, using size 8 seeds, really made progress.

I'm looking forward to sharing some of the techniques I know and learning new methods from some new friends. The Asheville area is certainly the place to live for anyone who loves to create!

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