Sunday, August 14, 2011

ALEXANDRA = SEPARATION ANXIETY!'s been an extended yet thoroughly enjoyable I experienced both highs and lows while interpreting inspirations from the work of Alexander Calder.

The result is below.......tomorrow it will be on its way to a new home. I'm thrilled that someone I've admired as a person and artist will now be Alexandra's keeper.

ALEXANDRA - 30" x 24"

Hand appliqued, hand quilted, hand embroidered, bead embellished 100% commercial and hand-dyed cottons.

If you've been following the whining....yes out and out cry baby whining over my binding may have already guessed..... YES.....of course I replaced the offending polka dot binding and basically created my own. I reapplied a white on white binding....and beaded it with size #6 seeds. The photo above illustrates the work in process....isn't it amazing what a beading can do?!!? (NOT a surprise to me.....I can't imagine why I hesitated in the first place!)

Detail of beaded binding.

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Mary Jo Cartledgehayes said...

Lovelovelove. Cows bring out the happiness in me, but this entire piece is so beautifully made and so filled with light. Lovely.