Saturday, August 27, 2011


I don't have much to show for my week......though gosh....I wasn't just sitting around eating bon bons! I'm trying to fast track this project so before it's out of my hands, here's a look at a partially completed baby quilt.

Which reminds me.....I need a wife! (to take care of household errands, cleaning, bill paying, cooking). Wouldn't we all just love to devote every waking minute to our sewing?!?

I recently posted the layout of this quilt on my design wall. It's now assembled, the body is machine quilted, and today I'll quilt the recipient's name along the borders. It will be bound in the same green paw print fabric and mailed off to CA as quickly as possible. So....I wanted to share it with you now before a brand new baby girl starts to love it.

For all you in the path of Irene.....stay safe..... The only impact we are having here in the mountains of NC is some well needed some drenchers last night and are actually hoping for more.

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