Monday, August 22, 2011


"The husband" and I just returned from a quick trip to Wisonsin......and my home town of Sheboygan. If I were to move again....that'd be the place to go (hummmm but oh ya.....there is winter to maybe not.)

Besides our numerous stops at Culver's, beginning the minute we see the first blue sign somewhere in KY.....another annual stop is Gosse's.

So many restaurants don't survive their first rarely see establishments that can fill every table, every day..... But this one can and that make their own rules: they only take cash, and are only open for lunch and early dinner. The door gets locked at 7:00 PM, if you aren't in by are out of luck. The menu consists of about 8 items....seriously...... The main fare is brats, steak sandwiches, or fish fry. All swimming in Wisconsin butter!

Sheboygan is one of the tidiest towns I've ever been could easily eat off the streets it's so clean. I'm loving how the old building downtown are being rehabbed....


This city is located on the shores of Lake Michigan......where commercial fishing was a rather large industry when I was growing up. The old fish shanties are being brought back to life..... you can see here. Good restaurants, nice shops, coffee houses.....charming!

........All located on a canal leading to the lake.

The board walk has made it easy to stroll along the waterways and enjoy the sights. The weather during our stay was picture perfect......

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